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We see underneath your leather’s “well loved look” of time and grime. We’ll get the beauty and softness back. We have three leather cleaning methods to adapt to your specific leather.

Leather Cleaning is in Our Blood

Our leather cleaning and conditioning business is a San Diego staple. Trust our family business’s distinction in Leather Cleaning San Diego. A Pacific Beach client of our professional leather cleaning services stated, “My two couches, chair, and footrest felt so smooth and soft and the original color actually came back.”

The Proof is in the Statistics

Service companies like ours require proof of reliability. In addition to our business’ staying power (we’re celebrating 50 years in San Diego!), our high rate of repeat clientele AND client-to-client recommendations, check out our quality leather cleaning reviewsYelp reviews, and our 2021 BBB Reliability Report.

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We Offer Three Professional Leather Cleaning Services

...because different leathers must be treated differently!

We Take Leather Cleaning to the Next Level

Our founder, Tony, pictured here, began cleaning leather back in the 1970’s and his sons and technicians carry on the tradition today. Our five decades of experience have taught us about leather cleaning and repair of moisture-thirsty leather. We have perfected the art of identification and, in our signature Health+Clean method, the perfect cleaning and sanitizing blend that gives us high success rates in removing years of soil, grime, body oil, pet accident spots, and odors!

Our company utilizes not one but three leather cleaning methods. High-quality professional leather cleaning services understand that there is no universal leather cleaning method. Missteps taken in cleaning and conditioning for the wrong type of leather can cause instant and irreversible damage. Inferior leather cleaning products, even those made for professionals, can promote cracking due to certain chemicals used in their makeup that break down the finish over time.

One Method Doesn’t Fit All

With no less than three separate methods and very experienced leather technicians, we have the perfect method for getting the beautiful results you are looking for in your leather, no matter its makeup:

  1. If your leather has a durable surface that has a definite shine to it… click here!

  2. If your leather has a soft, matte surface with natural leather hide markings… click here!

  3. If your leather is (or was) velvety soft with a beautiful natural patina… click here!

If your leather has a durable surface that has a definite shine to it…

…you probably need our Health+Clean Finished Leather Cleaning and Conditioning method.

Leather Names: Protected, Finished, Shiny, Pigmented Aniline Leather

Good news! Our signature cleansing foam method, Health+Clean, the same method we use for our regular upholstery cleaning, can be also used on protected (also called finished or “shiny”) leather!

Health+Clean is our “secret sauce” method, the one on which we stake our reputation of cleaning excellence. Before our cleansing foam machines do their amazing work, we treat spots, odors, pet and urine accidents, and heavy soil concentrations by hand – as you see Michael Toth, Tony’s son, doing in the photo. Oil, spots and heavy soiling lift out with this double-packed punch. (Click here to learn more about the Health+Clean method on our regular upholstery cleaning page.)

After the leather is clean and fresh we commence our leather reconditioning / conditioning treatment. It is important to note that leather is a skin. Like our skin, it must be regularly moisturized in order to maintain flexibility and prevent cracking. Our conditioning treatment is included in the cost of cleaning.

Bottom line: Our Health+Clean method of cleaning leather furniture is time tested, results-heavy and raved about in our reviews. After we deep clean your leather with Health+Clean, we will restore your leather’s necessary moisture level with our included leather conditioning treatment. Contact us today! 

If your leather has a soft, matte surface with hide markings…

…you probably need our TBW Leather Dry Cleaning Method.

Leather Names: Unprotected Aniline, Pure, Naked, Natural Leather, etc.

“Dry-clean only” leather upholstery is a softer, dyed aniline leather coated when new with special transparent finishes that do not produce the hard, pigmented surfaces of “Protected/Finished Aniline Leather”.

This type of leather has been used for quality shoes, soft jackets, and of course, fine furnishings. Due to little or no protective treatments used in production, it is softer and beautiful but also much more porous. You have to worry about damage by moisture with this type of leather. Only use a professional leather cleaner you trust has the experience and know-how to treat unprotected natural leather successfully.

Whenever possible, we use also use special leather conditioners that safely reintroduce moisture into unprotected, natural leather furniture. Our technician is applying conditioner in this section’s photo. There is no dye but you see the difference! Although liquids should not be used to clean natural leathers, leather needs moisture. Heat and humidity evaporate leather’s moisture level, which should be maintained at 25%.

Bottom line: Our dry cleaning method won’t harm your natural leather and we utilize natural leather safe conditioners to help leather from dry-out and promote flexibility.  Contact us today!

If your leather is (or was) velvety soft with a beautiful natural patina…

…you probably need our TBW Intricate Leather Hand Cleaning Method

Leather Names: NuBuck, Suede, Bomber, Distressed or Chaps Leather, etc. 

Experiencing spots, soiling, hardening, color changes? It takes special knowledge and special hand methods to clean brushed aniline leather or fine suede and similar leather types. These varieties are the most difficult to clean of all leather surfaces. Even many professional San Diego leather upholstery cleaners do not even attempt cleaning NuBuck, suede and similar leathers as they are very absorbent to most cleaning materials and oils.

We have seen a wide range of results after our special 100% hand cleaning methods – methods that vary according to the exact type of leather you have. We often see very dramatic restorations in the look and feel of soft leather furniture. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of every cleaning, as the results will be based largely on the type and nature of your particular leather, as well as what the leather was previously exposed to, we have seen many complete transformations.

Bottom line: For delicate leather with moisture spots, heavy soil, fading and pet/body oil stains, results after cleaning will vary. However our 100 percent hand cleaning methods, along with our excellent and experienced technicians, do ensure a safe, gold quality job.  Yes, we also include safe conditioning treatments whenever possible!  Contact us today!

Our Leather Cleaning Services Bottom Line:

Tony’s Best Way has been expertly cleaning leather for 50 years now. Our leather experts are able to discern each type of leather you have and they will treat each accordingly – with proper techniques and quality cleaning supplies. The end results we achieve everyday are the proof. Click here to view our leather cleaning San Diego reviews. We also offer free no-obligation demonstrations before cleaning to give you a glimpse of what can be achieved with your specific furniture. Expect magnificent transformations with our unique Health+Clean professional leather cleaning method, perfected since 1971! Give us a call or contact us today!

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