Our 9 Service Family Business is an Old-time San Diego Staple

The Story Starts 50 Years Ago…

 Continental Cleaners

Our founders, Tony and Erica Toth, moved to San Diego from Ohio in the late 1960s. They were ecstatic about San Diego’s weather and beautiful foliage, and felt it was the perfect place to raise their family. Tony and Erica started “Continental Cleaners”, based in La Jolla, CA, in 1971. It was Erica who saw a need in the community for a high quality carpet cleaning business. The people of La Jolla and other areas gladly welcomed the different and better cleaning method Tony and Erica brought to them with the promise it was, “for those who want the finest.”

A Name Change

Soon Tony and Erica changed their small cleaning firm’s name to “Tony’s Best Way Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning”, to include Tony’s name – and their newest cleaning service; quality upholstery cleaning. Yes, we were growing and here to stay. The people of San Diego had voted by their business (and repeat business) to keep our company. They were happy when we began cleaning upholstered and leather furniture in addition to carpets and rugs. But that was just the beginning!

Drapery Cleaning Service Launches

We brought more convenience to our customers by expanding to cleaning drapery and blinds. In the beginning we used the standard cleaning procedure of the day that necessitated removal and rehanging of drapes after cleaning. As soon as new technology arrived that allowed us to dry clean drapery and fabric blinds “as they hang”, we instantly saw the benefits and invested in the new procedure that we have now used on countless window coverings.

Sons James and Michael Arrive 

In 1973 and 1986 Tony and Erica welcomed their sons James and Michael into the world. These two brothers would grow to become the new face of the second generation of the Toth family to serve San Diego’s fine homes with equally fine cleaning. Son James graduated SDSU in 1999 with a degree in business and advised that Tony’s Best Way Cleaning should expand its service range with our. . .

New “All of San Diego County” Expansion

Tony’s Best Way’s expansion was well received. Now, all San Diegans had access to better than average carpet and upholstery cleaning from “North County San Diego” to “Downtown San Diego” and beyond. Along with expanding our service area, James and Tony discussed new home cleaning and restoration service offerings beyond carpet, rug and drapery cleaning. They did research on high-preforming methods for our. . .

Hardwood, Tile and Grout  and Natural Stone Services Debut

Our clients had many different types of flooring that also needed to be professionally cleaned and restored. “One by one, we added the professional cleaning of every type of floor to our repertoire. We also learned restoration methods such as how to effectively polish stone and buff and shine hardwood. We learned which methods gave the best results. Never fear, we went with quality grade methods.” -James Toth

Our Clients Expect Better Results From Us!

Because of this, we always chose quality equipment and materials. In addition to using “the good stuff” on your floors, counters and furnishings, we are always improving and modifying our services to be even better for you. It’s been many years now that we expanded to nine services and,  “You can be assured we guard our reputation of quality in every service we perform.” -Tony Toth, founder

Thank you for reading our story!

We feel the support of many fellow San Diegans as we continue with our family tradition of cleaning excellence. Thank you for your loyal support of a true San Diego family business!




P.S. In Case You Were Counting…

Our ninth cleaning service is an interesting one but brilliant.  Mattress cleaning! It’s a beautiful thing to sleep on a clean fresh mattress but who can fit one in their washer? We clean mattresses from even years of odors, spots, soil and dust mite accumulation, as well as “potty accidents” from kids and pets.  In addition to our cleaning treatment, we also include a non-toxic sanitizer that, along with an extra pow of clean, makes them smell fresh!

Meet the Rest of Team Toth…

Gloria is Tony’s daughter and in addition to being the office manager, runs the operations of the company. Gloria has worked for the family business for years although she is in fact a 2007 UCSD alumni with a degree in engineering. Focused and personable, Gloria has always excelled in ahead-of-the-curve customer service.  You will be treated right when you call Tony’s Best Way Cleaning with Gloria at the helm!