World’s Best Spot Remover

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What Tony Uses for his Spills and his Puppy’s Mistakes

We manufactured this product for our own use but decided to hand it out to our valued clients as a thank you. Now people can’t stop saying “thank you” back!  The non-stop demand for our, “miracle working pink liquid” means not only do our current clients love it, it is featured in local design stores and it even flies out regularly to New York, to Colorado, to Arizona, to Younameit by request of former San Diegans who reportedly, “can’t live without it.”

I guess you can tell it’s good stuff.

But We’ll Let the Locals do Our Bragging for Us…

And we quote, “I want you to know how highly I value your carpet spot remover. It works when nothing else will.” And, “Just a note to thank you for giving me the best spot remover I have ever used. I have owned a home for he past 30 years, and have tried different cleaners from time to time, but nothing did the job like yours…it peels off spots just like magic…” 

This one is special; ““At the age of 69 years there have been few times when I have felt secure in endorsing a product…Tony’s Best Way Instant Spot Remover has been an old standby, and has never failed to quickly remove those impossible looking spots…it is so dependable we feel confident in recommending it.” 

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How to Erase a Spot Using Our Famous Spot Remover




Pre-Cleaning Instructions and Warnings

  • DO NOT USE ON DRY-CLEAN ONLY (S-TYPE, ETC.) UPHOLSTERY! Never use liquids on dry-clean items!
  • Spot remover is only for wall-to-wall carpeting. Use on rugs and NON dry-clean upholstery at your risk.
  • Before you use this product, test it on a small, inconspicuous area of carpeting beforehand. There is always a small risk of color running with any cleaning product. Be safe and test first!
  • Keep away from pets and children. If swallowed, call poison control.
  • Freshly cleaned carpets are slippery -especially if you step on a hard surface afterward. Be careful!

Step 1 

If there was a liquid spill, blot (do not rub!) with a clean white towel or paper towel. If there were also solids involved, remove them gently first. Apply a small amount of Tony’s Best Way Instant Spot Remover to problem area.

Step 2

Agitate problem area with the blunt end of the spot remover’s bottle until the spot breaks up.


Step 3

Cover the spot with a clean white towel or paper towel. Stand up and firmly step onto towel. Do not rub. You will see the spot instantly transfer onto the towel! For very stubborn spots, repeat steps 1-3.

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