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All Fabric Covered Window and Wall Coverings Including Drapery, Blinds, and Fabric Panels / Office Cubicle Partition Fabric Paneling

We Clean All Cloth/Fabric Covered Blinds

  • We are an on-site service. No wrinkles or rehanging alignment issues.
  • We save you time. No need to transport blinds to a dry cleaning store.
  • Our process is non-damaging. No moving damage, no improper products.
  • Fabric customized methods. Dry cleaning? Steam cleaning? We do both!

A Good San Diego Blind Cleaning Service Must:

      • Be knowledgeable and experienced with fabrics. We send friendly professional blind cleaning services San Diego technicians who know fabrics. They will rightly judge which type of cleaning best suits the type of blind fabric.  They will have the expertise to know how much product to apply. Our blind cleaning technicians also have the experience needed to cover the surface in light even-pressured strokes.  All of this makes for a quality cleaning.
    • Have more than one method of cleaning at their disposal. If the wrong cleaning method is used, the fabric will not be clean, the fabric can shrink, stretch, shred or become unevenly discolored.
        • Our Dry Cleaning is suitable for most natural fabrics. We use a dry cleaning process that preserves and protects natural fibers.
        • Our Steam Cleaning is suitable for most synthetic fabrics. Our steam cleaning process cleans very well without resin damage.

Reviews Of Our Blind Cleaning Services San Diego CA

(Including Reviews Of Our Hunter Douglas Blind Cleaning Service)

Tony’s Best Way Cleaning dry cleaned Hunter Douglas sheer blinds and applied protection. They also cleaned the carpet and applied protection. Two service technicians were prompt and very personable. They did a good job. The sheer blinds were transformed from dark gray to white.

Jean S.

San Diego

I’d like to tell you how grateful I am and pleased to add this letter to your portfolio… First, the draperies were cleaned right on the windows. We used to send them out but had to live without drapes and they never hang the same again. … Our blinds, yes, they too are bright and clean. Thank you Tony, Daniel and James.

Myron T.

La Jolla, CA

I just had our 13 year old Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds cleaned by Tony’s Best Way. They were discolored and had all kinds of debris in between the panels. They now look almost new. I truly can not believe how clean Tony’s Best Way got them.

Sarah Schrier

San Diego

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